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As with any car, the clutch is an important component that will eventually need to be replaced.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about replacing the clutch in a NA or NB Miata. We will cover the difference between the 1.6 and 1.8 clutches, the best options for different power levels, and other important considerations.

Are 1.6 and 1.8 miata clutches the same?

You can use either, the 1.6 clutch is physically smaller and lighter. You MUST match the clutch with the flywheel (Pressure plate, disc, and flywheel). (source)

I went with a 1.8 clutch and flywheel for my car, due to ease of availability. Here is a video from Miata dad on his clutch setup.

Best Miata Clutches

There are three basic options that will fit the majority of Miata’s. The stock replacement, the mid-power upgrade (stock internals engine), and the race only (built engine).

Stock Replacement (OEM) – Miata Exedy Clutch Kit

This clutch is the go to OEM replacement clutch that most people use. It will have factory pedal feel and ability to hold power. You could probably get away with this clutch if your power mods are bolt-on only or extremely low boost turbo.

Mid Power (~300hp or less) Street Clutch – FM Happy Meal or ACT

Flyin’ Miata ($429)

The Flyin’ Miata Level 1 or similar ACT street clutch will be perfect for most street builds at 300hp or less. These have near stock pedal feel, but will hold significantly more torque than stock. I have this clutch in my car.

ACT Street

This is another great alternative if you’re looking to hold significantly more power than stock.

This clutch is rated for 315 ft lbs of torque.

Race clutches (Over 300hp)

Flyin’ Miata

Once again, Flyin’ Miata has a great clutch for higher power cars. Their Level 2 clutch is good for 353 ft lbs of torque at the crank. You can get this as part of the “Happy Meal” with a flywheel for $849.

ACT Race Clutch

ACT has both 4 and 6 puck race clutches available for high power builds. These are going to be more like on/off switches, prioritizing holding power over pedal feel. You’ll also likely get quite the workout if you try to street drive these. Rated for 405 ft lbs of torque.

Clutch Master Cylinder

While you’re replacing your clutch, it could be a great time to take a look at your master cylinder. Is it rusted out? How is the pedal feel? These are a cheap and easy maintenance item to replace.

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