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Shortly after my first track day, I realized that my Miata would need a rear wing to keep the back end planted on high speed corners. I didn’t want to replicate the high speed 180 degree maneuver that another NA performed right in front of me at Oregon Raceway Park.

Here’s the results of my research I made before purchasing my own Miata wing. Oh, and here’s a great video by Kyle Engineers on Miata aerodynamics!

Best Road Racing / Autocross Wings

The majority of these wings are designed and tested for the speeds and power levels seen in autocross and road racing. If you have significantly more power, you can add much more aero.

Nine Lives Racing Big Wang

This wing has a best in class lift to drag ratio, coming in at 15.2:1. That means it creates over 15lbs of downforce for ever pound of drag. It has many options, from swan mounting (more downforce) to gurney flaps (makes the wing act like a bigger airfoil) to larger end plates. I purchased the basic wing, with a 1/2″ gurney flap, and standard 8×11″ end plates. The installation was quite easy, drilling three holes on each side and trimming the trunk lid.

I also grabbed their vinyl wrap kit to black out the wing and protect it from the elements.

nine lives racing big wang
From $926.64 on

APR GTC-200 (Carbon Fiber) Wing

This is a popular wing due to being a carbon fiber wing at a decent price point. It’s a “3d” design that is supposed to handle the air coming over the top of the car without needing an extremely high mounting height. It’s angle is adjustable to balance the front and rear grip of the car.

APR GTC-200 Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing
Available at Good-Win-Racing from $994.50

Singular Motorsports GT250

Singular took a very proven airfoil and created a full rear wing system, with custom mounts and endplates. The wing is carbon fiber and includes a built in carbon gurney flap. This wing can create monster downforce (over 500lbs at 120mph). Once the trunk lid is trimmed, you have the ability to open the trunk fully. The wing is mounted high and far back to get maximum downforce.

singular miata gt250 wing
Available from Good-Win-Racing for $1949.

Chassis Mounted Miata Wings

While the above wings are typically chassis mounted, this style is more popular with the drift crowd.

BattleAero Chassis Mount V2 Wing

This is the most popular chassis mount wing that I see on local cars. It’s available in FRP or carbon airfoils and steel or aluminum mounts. You can also select between time attack and boomerang style end plates.

battleaero chassis mount rear wing miata na
Available from $940 on

dillybars miata

“Every day that I can work on my Miata, drive my Miata, or even think about my Miata is a good day.”

Dylan Howell, Only Miata

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