The Leading Miata Modification Guide

Are you just starting your Miata journey? Or looking to level up your long time obsession?
We’re here to show you all that we’ve learned over the years of building Mazda Miatas of all types.

How to use this Guide

There is far too much information on tuning your Miata to fit on this single page. We’ve created the guides on your left to help get more specific.

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Miata: Gingium

The Miata Turbo Guide

Most mx-5 owners want a bit more power and turbocharging is a great way to do so. From street, to track, to full-on drag race builds.

The Miata Exhaust Guide

We’ve tried a lot of exhausts trying to find just the right look and tone. This guide shows every exhaust we can find for your Miata!

The Miata Coilover Guide

From the top track coilovers to springs to get the right stance or look. This guide covers everything from low budget options to Xidas.

The Miata Wheel + Tire Guide

There are an endless number of wheel and tire combos that people have tried on their Miata. Here is what we’ve found that really works.

The Miata Exterior Guide

Looking for a body kit? Or maybe hood vents? Or just a nice front lip?
Let this guide show you the possibilities.

The Miata Interior Guide

There are so many options with the Miata interior. From race to retro to modernization and luxury. This guide also dives into the lesser known unique interior mods that we’ve found.