xida coilovers na nb miata

The Miata is an incredibly fun car to drive, straight from the factory floor. That doesn’t mean it can’t be drastically improved by the aftermarket. Plus, THAT WHEEL GAP.

This guide will focus on the best “streetable track use” coilovers for the NA/NB Miata..

Are NA and NB Miata Coilovers the Same?

People finding a deal on NA or NB coilovers when they have the opposite generation causes this question to come up in the forums quite often. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to answer. No, NA and NB coilovers are not the same, BUT, you can use them between generations IF you use the complete assembly as a set. This means that your shock, spring, and tophat must all be the same generation to fit properly.

Most people use the NB style tophats, they were redesigned by Mazda for better suspension performance.

Here’s a great video by Flyin’ Miata:

NA/NB Miata Coilovers

Okay, here’s our list of favorites. Roughly in order of which we’d want most on our own ride.

Xida Coilovers

These are the top Miata coilovers on the market, with “More road racing national championships around the world than any other Miata coilover.” They have custom spring rates depending on your tire setup and use.

The biggest takeaway I’ve had from riding in cars on Xida’s is that they ride incredibly well for being a pure race coilover.

xida coilovers na nb miata


  • Single adjustable Compression & rebound adjustment together, 20 step. Full clockwise is full stiff.
  • Length is optimized for 4~5″ pinch weld heights
  • Full aluminum monotube construction
  • 46mm double digressive piston
  • Floating piston internal design 
  • Adjustable height spring perches
  • Torrington thrust bearings
  • 120mm stroke front, 103mm rear
  • High Pressure nitrogen charged
  • Spherical bearing lower mounts
  • 2.25″ Hyperco, Eibach, or Swift springs (depending on availability)
  • Shock boots
  • Total weight with springs and mounts: 8 lbs front, 7 lbs rear (light!)
  • Damping sweep for front 1300~450 springs, rear 600~250


  • OEM 99-05 Mazda upper mounts
  • Dual spring system – Includes Torrington bearings and spring couplers
  • Miata/MX5 specific, CNC machined aluminum extended upper spherical bearing mounts
  • Coaxial perches included with optional alloy upper mounts

They’re available from SuperMiata starting around $2500.

Ohlins “Road and Track” DFV Coilovers

A great competitor to the Xida’s, featuring 8kg/6kg spring rates. These are set to be comfortable around town, but confident on the race track.

ohlins miata coilovers

Available from Good-Win-Racing for $2,290.

Goodwin Racing Spec Feal Suspension 441 Road Race Coilovers 

These are a newer entry to the market, a collaboration between Good-Win-Racing and Feal for the NA/NB Miata. These are only a slight price increase over the street/track Feal coilovers. Featuring spring rates that make sense on the track (12k/8k) and the valving to match.

feal 441 miata coilovers

– One way adjustable, 30 click spectrum
– Monotube
– Track-specific digressive valving
– Extended travel rear top hat
– Assembled in house, U.S.A.
– Rebuildable and re-valvable in house, U.S.A.
– Independent height adjustment
– Corrosion resistant coating + Anodized aluminum parts
– High quality low friction seals and rod guide bushings
– High flow pistons (allows super high range of damping tuning)
– Extended Height Top Hats in the Rear for Increased Shock Travel

Feal suspension is located in Southern California for services such as rebuilding and re-valving and are easy to handle with fast turn-around times.

Available for $1499 shipped from Good-Win-Racing.

5X Racing Bilstein Coilovers (Budget Bilstein Ballers)

These are probably the best budget alternative to Xidas, coming in at roughly half the price. They’re available in multiple spring rates and with either lower height front springs for race track use only or taller front springs for a more streetable road height.

5X Racing bilstein miata coilovers
DIY Kits available from 5X Racing for $1190
More info in this huge thread: https://www.clubroadster.net/threads/budget-bilstein-ballers.198881/

Flyin’ Miata V-Maxx XXtreme

These coilovers take the classic V-Maxx and add adjustable damping. They come with 504 lb/in front spring rates and 336 lb/in spring rates in the rear.

vmaxx xxtreme track coilovers for nb miata

These are available from Flyin’ Miata for $939 and will require NB top hats if used on the NA Miata.

MeisterR ClubRace coilovers

These are designed for high grip tires and occasional track day use. 12.5k/7k spring rates.

meister r clubrace coilover miata

Available from Good-Win-Racing for $1345.

Budget / Ebay Coilovers for the Miata

These are all coilovers, that may or may not be made in the same factory. There is really little to compare between them. They all offer roughly the same build quality, or lack there of. They typically have poor valving that isn’t a great fit for the spring rates. It’s typically better to save money for later rather than spend on these.

K Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

These are a more budget friendly adjustable coilover, featuring 36 levels of damping adjustment. They also include Pillowball Top Mounts, for improved steering feel. These come with a more street friendly 8.7k and 6k spring rates.

k sport maita coilovers

Typically available online for ~$850.

Stance USA 90-05 Miata

These look to be budget / low quality coilover clones.

stance usa coilover miata

Available from Valex Racing for $1255.

TruHart Street Plus Coilovers

another cheap coilover clone.

truhart coilover miata

Available from Coilover Depot for $578.

Megan Racing EZII Coilover

noticing a trend? It’s probably best to not buy coilovers in the ~$600 range.

megan racing ezii miata coilover

Available for $699 at Coilover Depot.

maXspeedingrods Coilvers

These are probably direct from the same factory. This shows the true cost of these cheaper coilovers.

maxspeedingrods coilovers miata

Available on Amazon for $219.99. (With top hats for $299)

Rev9 Hyper Street II Coilovers

Again, a budget coilover clone.

rev9 miata coilover

Available from Redline360 for $532.

Raceland ultimo Coilovers

An affordable street coilover with ~480lb/in spring rates front and rear.

raceland miata coilovers

Available for $469 from Raceland.

dillybars miata

“Every day that I can work on my Miata, drive my Miata, or even think about my Miata is a good day.”

Dylan Howell, Only Miata

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