15x9 konig hexaform on mazda miata with falken azenis

The first modification I made to my miata, was a new set of wheels and tires. The stock 14″ daisy wheels, with worn out tires, made the car exciting to drive (read, 4 wheel drifting every corner).

Stock Miata Wheels

Here is a great resource for the different stock Miata wheels, with size and weight information.


TL;DR: The main limiting factors will be the width of tire you can fit onto 5.5-6″ wide wheels and what brakes you can clear. Other than that, the wheel weights aren’t terrible for OEM wheels.

stock miata wheels

Factory OEM BBS Miata Wheels

BBS made two sets of forged wheels that came on limited edition and M edition Miatas in 1992, 1993, and 1995.

1992 & 1993 LE

bbs miata wheels
14×6″ – 10.6lbs

1995 M

1995 m bbs miata wheels
15×6″ – 12 lbs

Best Wheels for your Miata

Which Size should you go for?

The NA and NB Miatas are all 4×100 bolt pattern wheels. The offset will depend on the wheel width. Good-Win Racing has excellent size recommendations.

15″ Miata Wheels

These will be the best overall size wheel for autocross / track days and racing in general. Most aftermarket 15″ wheels are designed to clear big brakes and you will have the largest selection of tires. You can typically find these in a range of widths from 7″ to 11″.

Anything over 9″ wide will likely require fender flares and/or other clearance modifications.

16″ Miata Wheels

16’s are great for aesthetic reasons, but will be slightly heavier and more expensive than the typical 15″ wheel. There are fewer tires available in the 16″ sizes, making track day rubber harder to find.

17″ Miata Wheels

Outside of fringe cases, these are not going to be used on most Miatas that are performance minded. They can look dang cool though!

Konig Miata Wheels

My first set of wheels were the Konig Hexaforms in 15×8 with a +25 offset. I went for the Matte Bronze color and couldn’t have been happier. These wheels, with 205/50-15 Continental Extremecontact Sport SL tires, did require some rolling of my fenders (I used this Eastwood tool).

My thoughts on this setup

These were a great street setup. I took the car to a few track days on this tire and found them to be a bit slower than other tires. They seemed to get quite greasy at the limit.

I played with tire pressures and suspension setup, but was always jealous of friends with more aggressive rubber.

These wheels were great for clearing my Wilwood big brake kit.

My wheels/tires were stolen one night, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to upgrade.

15x8 konig miata wheels
15×8 +25
15x9 konig hexaform on mazda miata with falken azenis
15×9 +35

Will 15×9 fit on NA Miata with stock fenders?

To replace my wheel setup, I stayed with the same wheel model, but went to 15×9 with a +35 offset. This would allow me to go significantly wider with the tire and really maximize the chassis.

These have so far fit, without significant additional fender rolling.

For tires, I went with 225/45-15 Falken Azenis RT660 SL’s. The Falken tires are far more aggressive than the previous Continentals. I can’t wait to get them out on the track.

Wider Tires on a Miata

I was able to fit 225 wide tires on my miata without adding fender flares.. I don’t think I can go much wider without some sort of cutting / modification. For more options on fender flares / widebody, check out this post.

Enkei Miata Wheels

The RPF1 is a classic wheel in the import world and they look stunning on the Miata. Here is a setup from the Enkei blog: https://enkei.com/1994-mazda-miata-on-enkei-rpf1/

1994 mazda miata with enkei rpf1 wheels

Like Wheels (personal favorite)

I first saw these on HalfPast3hree’s incredible Miata. I really love the look of these wheels that are designed specifically for the Miata.

like wheels miata halfpast3hree
Like Wheels / HalfPast3hree

RS Watanabe Miata Wheels

These are legendary Japanese racing wheels. The deep dish and beautiful spokes create an understated and refined look.

Bronze RS Watanabe R type wheels on a red Miata

Work Miata Wheels

Work offers a selection of classic Japanese designs for Miatas.

Work equip 01 wheels on a Miata

Jongbloed Racing (spec miata) Wheels

Jongbloed makes strong and light racing wheels for Miatas. They also make wider wheels for non-spec classes (as wide as 15×11). Available from Good-Win Racing.

jongbloed racing spec miata wheels

dillybars miata

“Every day that I can work on my Miata, drive my Miata, or even think about my Miata is a good day.”

Dylan Howell, Only Miata

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