how to adjust miata front and rear camber

Here’s a quick post on adjusting your Miata’s Camber

Most stock setups are somewhat limited in how much negative camber you can achieve. You can install extended lower ball joints to get more negative camber.

Here is the recommended alignment from 949 racing:

Dual Duty Alignment is intended for cars that will occasionally reach the limits of traction and slide the tires but don’t want to give up too much tire wear for daily driving. To reach target camber and ride height will usually require modifying front suspension with extended ball joint or offset bushings.

NA/NB 89-05
105m – 125mm” front pinch weld height
3 – 5mm rake, rear higher
(Exocet – 7-10mm negative rake, rear lower)
Front camber: -2.5°
Caster:  +3.5 ~ 4.0°
Front total toe: 0
Rear camber : -2.0°
Rear total toe: + 1/8″, (.12″)

How to adjust the front Camber

How to adjust the rear Camber

Eccentric Bolts / Locks

paco motorsports eccentric lock

You can buy new/aftermarket eccentric bolts here:

dillybars miata

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