miata with pop up headlights

Which Miata has the pop up headlights?

The cute little Mazda Miata sports car that you’ve probably seen.. with the pop up headlights? That’s the 1989-1997 NA Miata, the only model of Miata to have pop up headlights. The next generations (NB / NC / ND) Miata headlights are all standard, static, headlights. Way less fun.

My Miata has pop up headlights. Mazda happened to use the very popular 7″ round size, giving you a huge choice of aftermarket lamps. They share the size with everything from classic cars, modern Jeeps, and Harley Davidsons.

I picked this set of LED lights to drastically upgrade the brightness of my headlights, making driving at night and in the rain much more enjoyable than with the stock halogens.

7" LED pop up headlight NA miata

Installation only took a few minutes, well worth it!

7" LED headlight miata

dillybars miata

“Every day that I can work on my Miata, drive my Miata, or even think about my Miata is a good day.”

Dylan Howell, Only Miata

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