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So, you’ve seen OMGMIATA and decided you need to widebody your Miata. Now what?

Let’s talk about the options you have for widebody kits for each generation.

Keep in mind, there will be a lot of custom fitting, bracing, sanding, cutting as you try to fit any of the parts featured here. Almost all of them will require that you cut out your OEM fenders to fit the larger wheels and tires needed to fill out these huge new fender wells.

No wide body kits fit perfect, but there can be a massive difference between a quality widebody kit and the cheaper alternatives.

NA Widebody Miata Bodykits

The NA has classic lines. It’s the closest body design to the original drawings from Tom Matano in 1985. To many, it’s perfection and the only Miata they will own. To others, there simply isn’t enough room to fit tires over 8″ wide. The reasons can vary, from the need to fit wide racing slicks to simply looking rad with stanced out 12″ wide rims.

Here’s a great video by OMGMIATA talking about the wheel sizes and fitment you need to consider when going with a widebody kit.

For those people a widebody kit is a must. Here are our favorites. If you know of any that we missed, let us know in the comments.

  1. Rocket Bunny (Pandem)
    This is the most popular, most copied, and generally considered the best looking widebody kit for the NA. These originate from laser scans, that are turned into 3d renderings. Then Kei Miura does his magic design work, blending futurism and vintage philosophies in a way that is truly special. He then uses his in-house CNC mill to create the design from polystyrene blocks. To see more of the process, check out this SpeedHunters article.
pandem racing rocket bunny widebody kit for na miata

The Rocket Bunny kits are distributed in the US by GReddy and cost ~$2200.

  1. AWR (Anthony Woodford Racing) w/ Racing Beat Bumpers
    These are fenders designed to allow for wider wheels and tires for racing purposes, while keeping the stock bumpers or aftermarket bumpers that will keep you in certain production based race classes. They give a much more understated look, while significantly widening the stance of the Miata.
awr racing widebody na miata

These kits look to be out of production. They were previously available through Flying Miata and AWR Racing.

  1. E-Production Kit by Mazdaspeed
    This is another racetrack designed kit that appears to be out of production for quite some time, but dang was it gorgeous.
flying miata track dog e prod widebody kit

Flying Miata’s “Track Dog” race car.

  1. Carbon Miata Overfenders + Bumber
    This kit is widely available and more budget friendly than the Rocket Bunny kit. That said, the fitment looks to need quite a bit of work, but can look decent in the end.
carbon miata overfenders and widebody front bumper with splitter

The full kit (overfenders, front bumper, splitter) is $1,299 for fiberglass and $2,550 for carbon fiber.
To purchase: Carbon Miata.

  1. Driven By Style Circuit Fender Flare Kit
    Another overfender kit that is popular. It’s made from duraflex and is quite durable at a low price point.
driven by style na miata overfenders

Available here: Driven By Style for $373.

  1. Tofu Auto Works 100mm Widebody
    This aggressive widebody increases the track by 100mm on each side. Check out this cyberpunk build!
tofu auto works widebody

Available from Tofu Auto Works in New Zealand for $1,450 NZD + Shipping.

  1. Corn Make Corn Overfenders
    These gorgeous overfenders are straight from Japan and made from FRP.
corn make corn overfenders

Available from Rev9 Autosport for $349

  1. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Tron Wide Body Flares
    These Duraflex fender flares are super flexible to reduce damage. Available with quick shipping from Amazon.

NB Widebody Miata Bodykits

When Mazda released the NB in January of 1998, they moved the look in a slightly more aerodynamic direction. Gone were the glorious pop-up headlights of the NA (thank you Pedestrian Safety Regulations). The body is definitely more of a take on the modern sports car, rather than the 60’s inspired feeling of the NA. These changes give the NB widebody kits a unique look in comparison. Here are our favorites:

  1. CCP Fabrication
    From the makers of the incredible fastback Miata kit, comes a quality widebody kit for the NB. These kits are hand laid woven fiberglass with reinforced mounting areas and a white gel-coat finish. Made in the USA.
ccp widebody kit for the nb miata

Available at Insomniak Racing for $1550.

  1. Krotov
    This kit features 65 wide fender flares in the front and 85mm fender flares in the rear. It’s unique in that there is a matching door panel to give the entire rear quarter fender a clean shape. Constructed from ABS plastic.
krotov nb widebody kit

Available at for $1600.

  1. Jet Stream GT200
    This kit was designed for racing, to improve the aerodynamics while also looking great. The overall width is increased by 10mm per side. Either 14×7 or 15×8 wheels with racing tires will fit perfect.
jet stream gt200 nb widebody kit

Available at Rev9 Autosport for $2,499.

  1. 2MAero v1.0 (pre-order)
    This widebody is from a newer company that has recently made great products for the NA / NB Miatas. This looks to be renders only at this point, but available for pre-order. 50mm overfenders in the front and 70mm overfenders in the rear. This kit is designed specifically for the NB FL (01-05).
2MAero V1.0 Widebody kit for NB LS

Pre-order: 2M Technics €1,250.

  1. Carbon Miata
    This kit includes overfenders and the front bumper. You have to cut the front and rear fenders to fit wider wheels. 15×10.5″ wheels pictured.
carbon miata nb widebody kit

Available at Carbon Miata for $1,299.

NC Widebody Miata Bodykits

There are a handful of overfenders and fender replacements available for the NC Miata.

  1. Jet Stream Gran Turismo Overfenders
    These are specific to the NC3 (2013-2015) and widen the car 15mm on each side. Great for 17×9.5 wheels and 245-40R17 tires.
jet stream nc overfenders

Available at Rev9 Autosport for $1,599.

  1. Rally Backer Rear Overfenders
    These rear fenders add 30mm to each side of the car to better match the more aggressive front fenders of the NC Miata.
nc rally backer rear fenders

Available at Rev9 Autosport for $449.

  1. CarbonMiata Wide Overfenders
    This 8 piece kit will widen the body by 45mm in the rear and 35mm in the front, allowing for 17×9 or wider wheels.
    It was designed specifically to the NC2, some work might be required to get proper fitment on the NC1 or NC3.
carbon miata wide overfenders for nc miata

Available at Carbon Miata for $750 for fiberglass and $1400 for carbon fiber.

ND Widebody Miata Bodykits

To be honest, there is only one ND widebody kit worth talking about. The Rocket Bunny / Pandem kit is absolute perfection.

pandem rocket bunny widebody kit for nd miata

Available from GReddy for $3000 ($4500 with GT Wing)

Conclusion – Wow, that was a lot of widebody kits

We hope that this guide was helpful. After over 30 years of existence, quite a few body kits have come and gone. There are so many obscure JDM kits that are no longer available. If you have a favorite and want it added to this list, definitely let us know.

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      1. So how did you put the discontinued f-pro and then discontinued AWR without adding the discontinued Autokonexion kits. They were not only the cleanest and best designed ones for the NA but also are still popular and widely used unlike the two formally mentioned. Also OMG hardly started the widebody revolution, Mazda speed did that, and Autokonexion answered out of wanting a overfender instead of a flare. my Miata was wide-bodied before OMG. Alot were, also technically the Rocket Bunny one was a flare, not a widebody.

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