dillybars Miata build log

Here is a build log for all of the modifications that I’ve installed on my 1990 Miata.

Next to be Installed

9 Lives Racing Medium Downforce Package – Wang, Dam, & Splitter w/ aero ramps.

Kraken Low Mount Turbo Kit – Low mount for better downpipe routing. Pulsar G25-550 turbo with intercooler, full exhaust, injectors, etc.

Engine Mods

Megasquirt 3x – Follow this: https://trubokitty.com/#/ms3xassembly
I soldered this kit myself, allowing me to do sequential injection, coil on plug in the future, and switch to a MAP sensor for future turbo.

AEM X series Wideband O2 – prepping for the turbo.

Flyin’ Miata Variable TPS adapter – full TPS data in Megasquirt should be much better for idle and part throttle.

megasquirt ms3 diy solder kit miata

Supermaita Qmax Coolant Reroute – I was having heating issues and knew that this would long term be a great solution for track use.

Supermiata Crossflow Radiator – A high quality radiator. My temps are typically in the 190 or so range no matter what.

super miata qmax coolant reroute

G Racing Short Shifter – The best shifter I have found for the NA / NB Miata.

g racing short shifter miata

Flowmaster Muffler w/ Custom Exhaust – Not too loud, decent routing.

Ebay Header – Holding the spot until the turbo manifold arrives.

Suspension / Handling Mods

Function and Form Type 2 Coilovers – These came with the car and I’m happy enough with them for now, but plan on upgrading to Xida’s at some point.

Flyin Miata Frame Rails and Butterfly Braces – This was a surprising upgrade, it stiffened the chassis significantly.

flyin miata butterfly braces

15×8 Konig Hexaform – These look great, are light weight, and a nice price point.

Continental ExtremeContact 205/50-15 – Happy with these tires so far after one track day and a few thousand miles of around town driving. They seem to overheat late in the track sessions.

Goodwin Racing Big Brake Front (Willwood) – Incredible stopping power and easy to swap pads.

good win racing front big brake kit willwood miata

Sport Calipers on Rear – Larger rear rotors to better match the front brakes.

Willwood 1″ Master Cylinder – This MC significantly improved the brake pedal feel in the car.

Willwood Brake Bias Adjuster – Necessary to dial in the balance between the front and rear.

Power Steering Removal – Removed the PS and de-powered the rack. Great road feel and less engine bay clutter / parasitic drag.

willwood 1" master cylinder miata

V8 Roadster Master Cylinder Brace – This eliminates any firewall flex at the master cylinder.

Exterior / Styling Mods

J-Spec Performance Sideskirts – love the look and price point of these. They stopped a decent amount of wind noise after install as well.

jspec miata sideskirts

Ebay front Lip – Looks okay, will be replacing with 9 lives Dam + splitter.

Miatacage Tow Hooks – Red hooks for the track!

7″ LED Headlights – Massive improvement over the stock headlamps.

7" LED headlight miata

LRB Full Aero Undertray – This made a huge difference with stability at speed. It also stopped my hood from buffeting in the wind on highways and the track.

Interior Mods

Hard Dog M2 Rollbar – Fits with the hard top and has a great harness bar.

Sparco Sprint Seats – Comfortable enough and really hold you tight in the corners.

PLM Low Side mount Seat Rails – I switched to this for the driver seat so I could pass the broomstick test at 6′ 2″. The lowest I could find without modifying the floor pan.

Takata Drift 2 Harnesses – 4 point with anti-submarine

sparco sprint seat takata drift 2 harness

Sparco Steering Wheel – Alcantra looks good and feels nice in the hand. I’ll probably replace it with a flat bottom for more leg room.

NRG Quick Release – It releases, quickly.

Flyin’ Miata Door Bushings – less door clank/flex.

Flyin’ Miata Pedal Kit – for the heal toe goodness.

Jass Performance Hardtop Brackets – way less noise and flex.

Hall Roadster Parts Frankenstein bolt delete kit – even more strength for the hard top.. harder to steal as well.

sparco steering wheel miata

dillybars miata

“Every day that I can work on my Miata, drive my Miata, or even think about my Miata is a good day.”

Dylan Howell, Only Miata

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